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Advanced Audiology Concepts

Hearing Services

Audiologic Assessment

Advanced Audiology ConceptsA Hearing Assessment (hearing test) is an evaluation of your hearing and your outer, middle and inner ear function.  The purpose of this testing is to determine the cause and degree of the hearing problem. This testing is performed by an audiologist and generally takes 45 minutes. t.

Most health insurances and Medicare cover the cost of a Hearing Test and Audiologic Evaluation. A referral from your physician is suggested, but not always necessary. A complete report will be sent to your primary care physician.

The assessment consists of the following:

  • Ear canal and eardrum inspection
  • Tympanometry (a test of the flexibility of the ear drums)
  • Middle ear reflexes
  • Hearing sensitivity
  • Word recognition/discrimination

Following completion of the evaluation, the audiologist explains the results.  A plan of treatment will outline the audiologist’s recommendations. You should expect to have all of your questions answered and all of the tests explained so that you understand the results.

Hearing Aid Fitting and Training

It’s a Process
Hearing aid selection: In order to select the best hearing aids, hearing abilities and lifestyle are considered.
Ear Impressions: Are made for custom fit in-the-ear hearing aids and earmolds.
Hearing aid fitting and training: The instruments are adjusted to match hearing. Training on use and care of the instruments including changing batteries, inserting and removing the hearing aids and general care is provided.
Hearing aid evaluation and checks: Includes fine tuning the aids and evaluating the benefits of the instruments.

Annual Checks
We recommend annual hearing test, and hearing aid cleaning and check. For more information on hearing aid services contact our office at 440-205-8848440-205-8848.

Hearing Aids and Cerumen
When cerumen gets into a hearing aid is can cause a couple of problems. It can plug up the opening in the hearing where the sound comes blocking the sound from coming out. Cerumen can also corrode parts of the hearing causing a costly repair. Cleaning hearing aids is important to keep them working well. Your audiologist will teach you how to clean your hearing aids.

Cerumen Removal
Cerumen becomes a problem when it builds up in the ear canal blocking sound from reaching the eardrum. When wax builds up in the canal it needs to be cleaned out. DO NOT USE COTTON SWABS TO REMOVE EAR WAX FROM YOUR EARS. Cotton swabs can push the earwax down to ear the eardrum making it hard to remove later or worse, you may push the swab through the eardrum.

We recommend having an audiologist remove the wax. You can help by using drops of mineral oil or over the counter wax soften drops in your ear canals 3-4 days prior to your appointment. The drops soften the wax and it is easier to remove.

DO NOT use cotton swabs to clean your ear canals!

Tinnitus Evaluation And Management

Tinnitus, hearing of noises in your ear/s or head, can be  intermittent or constant. The difficulty each individual experiences varies greatly.  The Progressive Tinnitus Management Program  provides assessment and various  levels of aural rehabilitation intervention allowing you to receive the services that are most effective and appropriate for you.

Sound Therapy can be helpful in managing your reactions to tinnitus. There are three types of sound that can be used: Soothing Sound, Interesting Sound, Background Sound.