Modern Hearing Technology

Advanced Audiology Concepts, provides excellent service to adults, teens and children. We use finely tuned and calibrated equipment to assess your ears and hearing. This information is used to determine the best style and type of hearing aids for each individual. Our comprehensive package of products and services include:

A wide variety of hearing aids, from numerous manufacturers, are offered. Additionally, an extensive collection of assistive listening devices, including amplified telephones and television systems, is on display in the office. The staff is committed to providing excellent audiological services. Efficient scheduling, prompt testing, proper diagnosis and treatment, in addition to compassionate counseling, assists you on the journey of resolving your hearing issues fitting the most advanced hearing aids available. You can count on Advanced Audiology Concepts to meet your needs in an honest, ethical and economical manner. We improve your life in style.

Advanced Audiology Concepts is committed to providing state of the art clinical care, efficient scheduling, prompt testing, and proper diagnosis and treatment. We use finely tuned and calibrated equipment to assess your ears and hearing. We promise to meet your needs in an honest and ethical manner.

Our comprehensive hearing services include:

Audiologic assessment (hearing and ear evaluation) is an evaluation of your outer, middle and inner ears and hearing ability. This assessment is performed by a licensed and Board Certified Audiologist. This differs from hearing screening in that is it a thorough evaluation. A referral from your physician is suggested but not always necessary.

Tinnitus evaluation assesses the pitch and intensity of noises in the ears. This assessment also reveals the potential success of possible treatment options.

Removal of cerumen (ear wax). When ear wax builds up in the ear canal, it causes a decrease in hearing. Once removed, it can improve hearing ability.

Hearing instrument services include selection of hearing devices, ear impressions when needed, hearing and aid programming, fitting and training. Fine tuning the instruments is a process.

Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) assessment is performed for children and adults. This little known learning disorder can be present at birth or appear later in life. Those with APD typically have normal hearing but appear to not hear or struggle to hear in noisy environments. In children it can result in learning problems.Educational programs include:

  • Lip Reading
  • New Hearing Aid Technology
  • The Psychosocial and Emotional Impact of Hearing Loss
  • Listening Training
  • Investing in Hearing Aids
  • Extended Wear Hearing Aids

Most health insurances and Medicare have a benefit for this testing. Following the assessment, the results will be explained to you and a report will be sent to your primary care physician.