Hearing Technology: Getting Started
By: Drs. Jane and Ashley

Whether you are investing in your first pair of hearing devices or third, fourth or fifth pair, you will find useful and thought provoking information.  This is a informative guide to hearing, hearing loss and hearing technology.  You will maximize your visit with us by answering the questions prior to your appointment. It will help you and us to stay focused on your personal hearing goals.  Be sure to bring the e-book with you.

Here is a sample of some of the information you will find in the e-book.

Hearing Loss
There are several types of hearing loss some of which are medically or surgically treatable. Typically, those who benefit from hearing aids, are those with nonmedically/surgically treated permanent hearing loss.  Permanent hearing loss is usually due to damage to the hair cells (hearing nerve endings in the inner ear).  The more damage to the haircells, the more difficult it is to hear.

As a result of Haircell damage/nerve damage it may appear like people mumble or don’t speak up. When conversation becomes hard to hear, people may change their behaviors to avoid confronting their perceived hearing challenges. If you are reading this booklet, most likely you or a loved one is experiencing difficulty hearing.  Take a moment to reflect. Describe 3 environments in which you would like to be able to hear better:
1. __________________________________________________________________________
2. __________________________________________________________________________
3. __________________________________________________________________________

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Hearing Technology Getting Started